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Training centre Lest

The basic purpose of the Training Centre Lest establishment is to fulfil tasks related to national defence and security, implementing special training, medical support and health care mainly for special units of the Slovak Armed Forces and special executive units of the security system of the Slovak Republic.

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Natural conditions:
Area                                                                      145.5 km²
The average altitude                                          450-800 m
The highest peak                                               Javorie 1043.7 meters
The average annual temperature                    6-8 ° C
Average annual rainfall                                      700-800 mm
The average maximum snow depth                400 mm


All stay participants at the Training Centre Lest, if demanded by law, are required (under § 9 of the Act No. 281/1997 Coll. on military districts) to apply for permission to enter the territory of MTA Lest.

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48° 23´47´´ N

19° 14´30´´ E

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